On-campus Residence

@ STA Building


In 2020, Kingsway Academy renovated, upgraded and redecorated STA house to make the Academy a comfortable school and living space for students. The on-campus residence is located on the upper 2 levels of STA House. Around 40 capacity secured for Kingsway Academy students can make reservation with a valid student visa and full payment in advance. Double-rooms have beds, table and chairs, locker, sink and closet for 2 students to share. Washrooms and bathrooms are located in each level of the building. One large room in each level is shared by 3 students with basic furniture and separate washroom & bath tub.


The laundry room in the STA building 2nd floor, provides a washing machine and a dryer for free use.
​The cleaning of the on-campus residence is provided and managed by King’s @Western U. Students are required to keep personal and pubic areas clean and tidy and treat the residences with the same respect as their home.

Campus security is double guaranteed both by Western University police cars and London city police. Campus police car patrol to STA building 6 times every 24 hours. The police also check every entrance of the building at midnight every day.

Kingsway Academy provides safety and self-protection education to students so that they can undertake their studies in a safe and healthy environment.


Students may purchase the meal plan with a buffet breakfast and two dining room menu meals of choice a day from Monday to Friday.

Because of the large number of students at Western, local restaurants and food delivery services are well developed. Kingsway students can choose from local restaurants and delivery services for their meals on weekdays and weekends.


@ London, Ontario

Homestay is a program which places students with local families willing to accept students into their home. International students who wish to be immersed in the language, culture and customs of Canada seek Homestay as their accommodation of choice. Homestays offer accommodation, meals and other benefits of family living. Students often stay with Homestay families for their entire stay and make lifelong friendships which provide strong connections for years to come.

Kingsway Academy is working with diverse homestay families located in London Ontario who speak English. We rigorously scrutinize homestay family’s information for students, which includes: the place of the host family; the distance between school and public transportation; driving distance, residential area, the condition of the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom; the size of the room available for boarding, etc.

Homestay Benefits

  • Participating in family and community activities for students to gain a sense of belonging, familiarity with local customs, new friends.
  • Obtaining three meals per day provides sufficient nutrition for students.
  • Spending time with homestay family members is an excellent opportunity to exercise students’ listening and oral English.
  • A good host family not only provides students with convenience and care in life, but also should include family warmth. At the same time with cultural exchange, host families could also spread Canadian values and way of life.