Kingsway Academy

Kingsway Academy is an international boarding high school located on campus of a prestigious Canadian university, King’s University College at Western University (commonly referred to as, King’s). Different from regular high schools, Kingsway Academy has a vision in action that emphasizes university integration education to international students. 

About us

Kingsway Academy recruits students Grade 10-12, enables graduates to gain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Through targeted integration plans, students of Kingsway Academy will be able to transit smoothly. And be well prepared for a successful undergradute career.

Programs Insights

OSSD Courses

Kingsway Academy Offers variety of courses to complete your Ontario Secondary School Diploma(OSSD). After achieving your OSSD, you will be able to apply universities/colleges all around the world.

Triple Jump to Top Universities

Kingsway Academy and Avon Maitland District School Board (AMDSB) jointly launched the “Triple Jumping to Top Universities (TJTU)” project in 2021. This program perfectly combines the advantages of Canadian private high schools, Ontario public schools and universities.

Summer Camps

Kingsway Academy summer camp open to international teens (13-17 years old) to come to Canada, taking ESL classes and live in our historical building on one of the most beautiful Canadian Universities campus. Plus fun activities every day and night. You will get the real Canadian experience in this summer with Kingsway Academy!

Enrolment Now Open

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