University Seminar-Western University

On October 14, 2022. International Recruitment Officer Caitlin Spencer and Michael.Benincas from Western University visited Kingsway Academy. Before the presentation started, they were joking that “the content of this presentation probably has to be different than what they did in other schools since Kingsway Academy is just located right on campus of King’s and we are so close”.  They also brought Western pennants for each participant. 

Starting from introducing the main campus, Michael then presented the undergraduate programs and academic choices at Western. The first year is more general, students can figure out what area they would like to focus from the second year. There is lots of flexibility at Western which suits better for international students who come at a young age. Moving forward, Michael also mentioned clubs, activities and sports teams at Western. Following he talked about the procedure for application, scholarships and international students support team.  

In Q&A session, students asked about medical science programs, music study, physiology programs etc. Students were happy to get direct answers from  Michael and Caitlin.