Ramen Contest with Western Foodies

Invited by Western Foodies Club, Kingsway students participated in a Ramen Contest Social event with western students on November 22, 2022. 

It’s getting dark pretty early at this time of the year. But walking on the campus with purple lights everywhere while talking with each other was kind of nice.  Shuttle bus took us directly to the social science building. The competition had already started

Charli can’t wait to win. There’s three “Heats” to compete. 

  1. Look Mom, All Hands-Eating Ramen ONLY with your hands
  2. Bring the Heat ×1-Spicy Ramen(×1)
  3. Bring the Heat×2-nuclear spicy ramen(×2)

Charli raised hand to participate in the third “Heat”-nuclear spicy ramen. When the Mc asked her to introduce herself and how she was feeling about this competition. She answered she wanted to be the champion. Rock Charli!  

Within 1:30 minutes. 5 competitors started eating the extremely spicy ramen. Unfortunately Charli did not win.  But it was a great experience for an international student to be on the stage and communicate with local university students. She chose to evolve which is the best and only way to explore what lies outside of her comfort zone and connect with the strength within her. 

Students enjoyed the rest of the evening by participating in the Kahoot ramen trivia. 

Kingsway Academy has a vision in action that emphasizes university integration education to international students. Kignsway Academy offered this great platform for international students to communicate with university students to learn about university life in advance and to get a more clear picture of their future.