Pumpkin Carving with Western Foodies

Fall is a season that nature is trying to fill you up with colors. Pumpkin’s orange is one of them. Pumpkin carving and decorations have been a fall staple for centuries to keep our homes looking fall-ready. The pumpkin is also a symbol of prosperity and growth. Carving pumpkins has been a fall tradition in western world, but it is still a new experience for international students. 

Invited by Western’s student club-Foodies, 8 Kingsway students signed up for a pumpkin carving event that hold by Foodies. In a golden afternoon, students took Kings’ shuttle bus to get student center at Western. Mingled with Foodies club’s executive team members, students learned about what university life looks like. Student Charli also learned about media&communication study program that she would like to study in the future from Serena who is the fourth year student of FIMs( The Faculty of Information and Media Studies). 

Then the carving game starts!  First they cleaned out the soft inner mush. Next they discussed with each other and made a design plan. With a design blueprint on the pumpkin they started to carve.  It is a really good way to work as a team and build relationships. Students had a great time. By the finishing moment, with a light putting in the carved pumpkin, students felt a great sense of fulfillment. Good job!

Foodies also provide pumpkin pie for everyone.  Sharing  food with team members makes the pie taste extra yummy.

Kingsway Academy has a vision in action that emphasizes university integration education to international students. Kignsway Academy offered this great platform for international students to communicate with university students to learn about university life in advance and to get a more clear picture of their future.