Piano Day

Winter always comes early in Canada. London has officially received its very first snowfall of the season and it’s safe to say that Mother Nature is giving us all a much-needed reminder of how beautiful the wintertime can be. Students were excited to see the beautiful white campus. They took pictures and videos to post on their social media profile.

The day after a snow day Annie and Charli went to Western main campus to practice piano. Annie is a piano lover. She passed the 10th level at a very young age.  Her dream is to study music in university and become a musician. Back in China,  under the high academic pressure, she almost gave up her dream. Luckily, after studying in Kingsway for 2 months, she realized what her passion really is and got so encouraged to chase after her dream. When she asked about where she can practice playing piano, our student affairs staff introduced her to the Music Building of Western main campus which she can easily take the shuttle bus to go to. Charli is Annie’s best friend. She kept Annie company every single time she went to practice.

I was honored to record one of their practice days. We went on the shuttle bus from King’s campus and arrived at the bus stop near Talbot College-Don Wright Faculty of Music. The music building is right beside the Talbot college. There’s lots of study rooms with instruments like piano that students can use for practicing. Annie went towards the piano confidently and played several pieces of music including  Beethoven’s Turkish March which warmed and lightened up the room. It was a beautiful morning listening to Annie’s playing while looking at the snows on the tree and the vintage building from the window. 

After practicing piano, Annie and Charli went to the student center and ordered coffee and donuts. By living close to university facilities, Kingsway students got more chances to not only enjoy the beautiful atmosphere but also to work toward their dreams.