Kingsway students @BGC London

Helping students mingle and interact with the local community to embrace Canadian culture is one of the main education goals of Kingsway Academy.

On December 13th 2022. Kingsway students had a field trip to the Boys and Girls club, the biggest youth club in London. The Club offers hope, inspiration, and opportunities to help young people reach their full potential and succeed in school. Their leadership program coach Laura guided Kingsway students through a fantastic, eye opening night at the club. 

Starting from an introduction of each other and an ice breaking activity, a clearer picture of who they are and what personality they have and what they like and dislike showed up. Students got to know themselves as well as their friends better. Followed by a guided tour of the facilities at the Club. Kingsway students were able to mingle with local students and got to know what program they were involved in. 

Leadership building games were another great fun part of the night. Through some role play and problem solving games, some brave student leaders took the lead and put themselves out there. They showed their smart ideas, great presentation skills, positive mindset, strong impact for peers so each group were working together perfectly as a team. 

After all sorts of mind building games, students switched to the gym to strengthen their body. Students had lots of fun playing soccer, basketball and volleyball. 

Kingsway Academy had a vision in action of delivering an international students integration plan. We help students build every single step and get closer to their dreams, their future.