About Us

Kingsway Academy is an international boarding high school located on the campus at King’s. Kingsway Academy is housed in St. Thomas Aquinas (STA) House which acts as a combination of classrooms and campus residence.

King’s supplies building services and provides 24-hour security to Kingsway Academy. Kingsway and King’s meal plans are available to all Kingsway students. Kingsway students can use some university facilities and participate in selected club activities and other activities organized by King’s.

Greetings from the Principal

I have been involved in teaching international students over the past 15 years and I have been an international high school principal for the most recent ten of those years.
The pastoral setting of the school is ideal. The academic programme is first rate. At Kingsway classes are small and the standard of instruction is exemplary. Kingsway Academy has a rich and successful record in instructing international ESL students because of its partnership with the well-respected ICEAP, which is a sister organization.
​The university and college partnerships facilitate a smooth academic transition to university study at King’s College or any other post-secondary institution. Whilst at Kingsway our students can witness undergraduate life and challenges first hand and be well informed about and be well prepared for a successful undergraduate career.

Mr. Paul Debenham, Principal

Vision and Mission

Kingsway Academy is an international boarding High School located on campus of a prestigious Canadian university, King’s University College at Western University (commonly reference to as, King’s). Different from regular high schools, Kingsway Academy has a vision in action that emphasizes university integration and education to international students. Kingsway Academy recruits students who have completed middle school study equivalent to Canadian Grade 9. Having achieved good academic performance students continue to Grade 10-12 studies at Kingsway Academy. Kingsway Academy enables graduates to gain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) as well as supporting achievements as below:  
• Fluency in English communication, reading and writing skills developed are close to native students of the same ages.
• Acquisition of academic knowledge and English competency with Grade 10-12 courses of study.
• Grasp of various skills necessary for successfully studying in elite Canadian universities, including skills in utilizing library resources, group study/assignments, and project cooperation, and an improvement in public speaking and critical thinking on completion of the specially designed courses of Kingsway Academy.
• Through university campus life and various activities arranged by Kingsway Academy, our students will make friends with local students studying at King’s with similar academic goals;
In addition, Kingsway students will establish relationships with university students coming from their mother country with similar targeted major study. Through targeted arrangements, Kingsway students will build their own network to adapt to future learning and life in a Canadian university.
• Being in a university setting allows for students to blend into Canadian culture, all the while forming independent personal skills and self reliance-abilities, step by step through joining in various activities held by student groups at King’s. The students soon come to feel more independent, more confident about themselves and attain eadership in Canadian society.