• High School Grade 10-12, leading to Ontario Secondary School Diploma

  • EAP-English Academic Preparation

  • King’s Pathway

  • IELTS Preparation

Communications Technology 11
Philosophy: The Big Questions 11
Visual Arts 11
Physics 11
Chemistry 11
Biology 11
English 11
Healthy Active Living Education 10
Civics and Citizanship 10
Canadian History since World War I 10
Media Arts 10
Our EAP program offers courses at 5 difference levels, with 8-week sessions for each level, grade 10-11 applicants without IETLS 5.0 and grade 12 applicants without IELTS 5.5 (no band less than 5.0) will be assigned to a course of appropriate level after a placement test. Students who successfully complete EAP Level 4-5 will enter Grade 10-12 courses.

The English language learning at Kingsway Academy could be classified as 3 programs:

●  For anyone with insufficient language skills for post-secondary study, the EAP program is the right choice.
●  For ones who have completed Grade 12 High school study with insufficient English proficiency and would like to study at King’s University College at Western University, the Accelerated K-Bridging program is a good match that enables graduates of ICEAP Toronto & Kingsway to directly enter into King’s without taking IELTS or TOEFL test.
●   IELTS Preparation program. IELTS Preparation program is tailor-made to Grade 12 high school graduates who intend to matriculate at other Canadian top universities.

All English language learning programs were university-recognized, and instructed with faculty of Kingsway Academy, ICEAP Toronto on the campus of King’s University College at Western University. Successful completion of the language program meets the fulfillment of the English language requirements of partner institutions of ICEAP Toronto No IELTS or TOEFL will be requested.

The partner institutions of ICEAP Toronto are as follows:


King’ s University College at Western University offers an excellent academic experience with its small classes and outstanding faculty. It also provides many opportunities for students to work on campus or join activities to develop their leadership skills and build their resumes. King’s students are also students of Western University and can take courses at Western and use its facilities and join its clubs. King’s students graduate with a Western degree. They know well their King’s professors who can provide references to excellent graduate schools or for employment after graduation. King’s offers the “Best of Both Worlds”, the opportunity of career development opportunities at King’s as well as graduating from a prestigious well- known university, Western University.

Graduates of ICEAP Toronto have won King’s Entrance Scholarships and have been very successful in both their degree studies as well as their involvement in the campus life at King’s.

University professors were invited to Kingsway Academy to deliver speeches on international business aiming to cultivate students’ academic learning ability needed in leading universities.

IELTS Preparation program is targeted to Grade 12 high school graduates who intend to matriculate at other Canadian top universities.

While learning Grade 12 English, students of the IELTS Preparation Program dedicate themselves to prepare IELTS exam. Since the IELTS Preparation program enables the students to meet the language recruitment of many universities ( IELTS 6.0 or IELTS of 6.5), it emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge and critical thinking including targeted exercises, intensified single training, ways to improve test scores and many other practical skills.
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