Kingsway students are welcomed to join in activities organized by King’s. The activities are shown as below:

* All King's student activities are only available for Kingsway Students over age of 18.

Kingsway Academy has established a close connection with student clubs and associations at King’s University College. Many clubs welcome students of Kingsway Academy to participate in all kinds of extracurricular activities. Through these activities, not only are students’ spare time enlivened, but also their social networks with local students and compatriot students are established, which will contribute to students’ future lives in university.

King’s & Western University has more than 200 clubs and associations, which aim to break down departmental barriers and let students with similar interests expand their circle of friends, get acquainted with friends from different professional backgrounds, understand different culture backgrounds and different Ethnic groups, as well as help each other. In this way, students will accumulate experience and build contacts for future career development and social awareness.

Western University also involved in types of sport competitions on weekends. Mustang Rugby Team, School Basketball Team and School Ice Hockey Team have excellent achievements in their respective college leagues. Many students at King’s participate in these teams or use the gym at King’s or the outstanding recreation facilities at Western. These sports competitions also provide an opportunity for Kingsway Academy students to attend Canadian sports competition and culture prior to the beginning of their degree studies at King’s.

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