Kingsway and ICEAP Toronto students are invited to participate Career Ready activities held by The School of Management, Economics and Mathematics of King’s. The students learn to better understand the skills required in all walks of life and industrial development trends, where students more easily are able to select an appropriate and favourite program in post-secondary education.

A High School Integrated with University Study and Culture

The main challenge for international students studying at overseas universities is language, change of learning methods, and culture integration. The Kingsway Academy offers students the environment of university campus, so students will have already highly immersed into the university life before entering into universities. Situated on the King’s campus, the Cardinal Carter Library and Spriet Learning Commons is a great study place for students of Kingsway Academy. These quiet, tidy places are full of academic atmosphere and students to adapt and learn in an university environment.

Here students are more likely to feel at home, build friendships, have a rest, and make the most of their times.

Students were listening to lecture offered by King’s University College at Western University.

Students were auditing professional class in King’s University College at Western University.

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